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Wedding Cake Wizardry & Other Edible Art
  • Wedding Cake Base Price - $3.50 per person as of 1/1/09 includes:
  • Personal design consultation.
  • 2 choices of base flavors (Double Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla, Lemon or Spice)  for cakes serving 70 or more.
  • Real buttercream icing.
  • Many decoration options.
  • Set-Up and delivery within 10 miles of Lewes, DE. (additional charges July-Sept due to traffic)
  • All details including working with florist and caterer
  • Other options are almost infinite and will be discussed during the personal consultation.
  • Celebration Creations & Delectable Desserts  are priced according to the project, starting at $1.50 per person. This includes Grooms Cakes, Tuxedo Decorated Strawberries &  Piece Desserts.
  • OTHER OPTIONS ARE ALMOST INFINITE! See further for ideas & prices.
  •  OTHER CAKE FLAVORS and extra PER PERSON charge:
  • ORANGE BLOSSOM: Subtle & nostalgic, this white cake has orange zest & almond flavoring.      45 cents
  • SPECKLED CAKE: Shaved bitter chocolate gives this cake a Poppy seed look with a     Black Walnut Flavor. Based on a previous Bride’s Grandmothers recipe. 30 cents.
  • ALMOND CAKE: Finely ground almonds add texture to this almond flavored cake. 40 cents. (without nuts, only 15 cents) A luscious variation is the Almond Amaretto Cake.
  • LEMON POPYSEED: 10 cents
  • APPLE CAKE: With just a hint of Spice. 35 cents
  • APPLE SPICE CAKE: Apple chunks in Spice cake make for a wonderful taste treat. 35 cents
  • PUMPKIN SPICE : Tastes just like Pumpkin Pie! 30 cents
  • CARROT CAKE: A spice cake with the kitchen sink tossed in! Walnuts, carrots & pineapple make this a very dense & rich cake. 75 cents.
  • STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE: The cake layers are basted with strawberry sauce & layered with fresh strawberries. A lightened buttercream, not whipped cream, is used to fill the layers. $1.00. (due to moisture content, this is not advisable for the “presentation” cake) 
  • FILLINGS & extra charge per person:  Generally, each TIER of a wedding cake has two  layers of cake. Each LAYER is split & filled with your choice.
  • RASPBERRY GLAZE: This European Import is so flavorful & luscious that it is used sparingly and is a wonderful accent for a number of cake flavors. 60 cents.
  • ENGLISH LEMON CURD: A slightly tangy citrus filling. 40 cents.
  • MOCHA BUTTERCREAM: A coffee accented, light chocolate icing. 30 cents.
  • RICH CHOCOLATE BUTTERCREAM: smooth & creamy, to fill or cover the cake. 50 cents
  • DARK or WHITE CHOCOLATE GANACHE: Solid melted chocolate lightened with a little heavy cream.   50 cents
  • PASTRY CREAM: Vanilla (50 cents) or chocolate (65 cents) 
  • ROLLED FONDANT: To cover a tier is a 50 cent, per person, additional charge. Marbelizing or pearlizing the fondant is a little extra. Fondant "draping" or other types of decorating is priced according to the amount & color of fondant used, starting at 30 cents per.
  •  LIQUORS for BASTING CAKES and extra charge per person:
  • AMARETTO: For an Amaretto or Almond amaretto cake. 25 cents.
  • GRAN MARNIER: Those who love this liquor generally request a vanilla cake but its also been done with chocolate. 50 cents
  • FRANGELICO: A hazelnut accent with a kick!  35 cents.
  • RUM: For a rum or Italian rum cake.  25 cents 
  • HOW TO FIGURE: Every tier serves a specific number of people. So, if you wanted a 20 person tier to be lemon cake (base price) with raspberry glaze (60 cents) the additional cost would be 20 x .60 = $12.

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